Gentle Interventions Mission Statement


It is the intent of the staff and members of Gentle to provide support in areas not covered by other organizations, such as , cash to eat on while in hospital stays with their child, assistance in dealing with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Georgia deeming waiver, prescription co-pays, medical equipment not covered by insurance, household food supplies, clothing needs, fund raiserís, transportation repair and needs, Individual Education Planning, guides for filling out forms, up to date research information, respect and privacy, HIPPA release information, Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and other occasions. We provide a place that the families of Mitochondrial children can talk about their issues without being judged. Every Patient and parent or sibling will be treated with respect in all manors. All donations are to be handled as anonymous unless request otherwise by the donor. To keep and maintain accurate records of spending, each staff member or volunteer must agree that no compensation will be given for work and or deeds preformed, only fuel cost for trips over 25 miles for IEP meetings or Medical hearings.